It all started in 2017. Guitarist Joop Wallerbosch and singer Mark Barneveld cooperated on lyrics for an album. They hooked up with bass player Rowdy Lemaire and drummer Wybren G.. The long and winding road started.

Wallerbosch wrote many songs over the past years. The band worked hard on arrangements and structures to bring the songs to life. These guys have known each other for over thirty years now, playing in a wild variety of projects and obscure coverbands.

Moonshine Moaner dropped their first album "Life Bites" in January 2021. Shortly after the release of the first album they had to say goodbye to singer Mark and drummer Wybren because of unfortunate private circumstances. The title of the first album was appropriate, sadly enough...

Wallerbosch and Lemaire looked out for a new singer and drummer. It did not take long after singer Raymond van Rooijen to confirm after Wallerbosch asked him to become Moonshine Moaner's new singer. To be exact: five seconds.

Lemaire has done many sessions in the past with master drummer Jan Stavenuiter. After playing four songs of the album in a rehearsal room, they all were flabbergasted: a perfect fit!

The first rehearsals took place and all four were happy that the chemistry was instantly there. Even better, Wallerbosch and Van Rooijen started exchanging ideas for new songs from day one. Moonshine Moaner's new line up is a fact.